Two Samsung's - Two remotes - Problem!


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Hi everyone!

So.... This is a bit awkward... Being an IT-guy I took it for granted that TV's sold in 2021 operated on different remote channels (cryptographic handshake or at least the ability to manually set your own channel), but alas this turns out to not be the case!

I just bought two 65" The Frame for the family to use as a gaming setup and mounted them next to each other on the wall.... And I'm having pretty big issues with the remotes...

Initially I set up the port Frame, turned it on and then held the "back and play/pause"-buttons until a message showed up stating that the remote/TV were an item. I then did the same for the starboard Frame (with the power unplugged for the port one), and the tv/remote did a similar handshake.

So far so good. The problem of course appeared immediately; the "on/off" (or rather "on/art") buttons on both remotes controls both the TVs!

This means:
  • If one Frame is ON and the other OFF they will "switch" (the on oneturns off, and the off one turns on).
  • If both Frames are OFF they both turn on.
  • If both Frames are ON they both turn off.

I have found a work-around when I just want to turn on ONE Frame by using the "home"-button instead of the on/off-toggle, as this will turn it on without affecting the other one.

However I can still not figure out how to turn OFF (meaning turn it into ART-mode showing a still picture) a single one at a time.... So if I want to turn off just one, I will have to either first turn off both Frames and then turn the other one on again by using the home-button, or I can let it sit idle showing the menu until it goes into power-saving mode 4(!) hours later... There is a third alternative and this is launching the ART-app on the TV I want to turn off, navigating through it until I find a picture I want to show and then manually selecting this... This however includes 5 button presses and is quite cumbersome to do.... Oh and yeah... Fourth alternative is turning the TV off by using the Samsung-APP on the phone, but when turned off via the app it will not go into art-mode and show a picture - one just the black screen (thus being useless for my purpose)...

I did google this yesterday and found multiple suggestions where people have designed a small plastic tube in front of the remote's IR-sensor to make the signal more directional, but there is no visible IR-sensor on these remotes. Another suggested trick was to shield the view of the "other TV" with ones hand to block the IR-signal but this doesn't work either...

So... Anyone with a decent solution for this issue? :)

PS: I'm still flabbergasted that this is an issue at all.... I realize that its done to reduce issues with pairing people would otherwise run into, but.... still... 😵
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smart remote controlls work mostely over BT connection, BUT...
The power on button is IR based so as it seems to me there is no practical way to turn on/off single TV at the time if both IR sensors are visible to the remote.

Currently I am unsure if you can turn on the TV via BT connection (will have to try at work) so you would only have to tape over IR diodes (check for them with phone camera) and then you should bypass the problem.

I'll try to think about workaround and eventualy if ill speak with my colleague ill bring this up as a curious thing, maybe he will come up with something.

Maybe switchable power outlets?

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