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Two rooms, one PC


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I currently have a reasonably powerful gaming pc but I have now decided that I want to use it for both gaming and media functions but in two different rooms. The PC itself will sit in a cupboard under the stairs where I already have an HDMI cable running to the home cinema. The PC will be about 3 m or so from the seating area so I think wireless devices like Xbox controllers should still work if I wanted to use the big screen to play games on. The issue is that I also need to be able to use the pc in the office which is at the back of the house, partially for work but also gaming.

I currently have a single CAT6 cable running from the cupboard under the stairs to the office but thats about it. I do not know whether this cable is twisted pair or not, it is 20m in total length. Ideally I would like a device that would allow HDMI over single CAT6 along with USB to allow devices such as keyboard, mouse, external Blu ray player etc to work in the office. I would also need a device to separate audio to eg phono for headphones if possible

Does such a device(s) exist for eg less than £100? If not then are there any alternatives eg wireless USB hub (cant seem to find one of these that actually has decent reviews). I am aware of Steam In Home Streaming but would involve buying a new client pc plus my experience of it so far has been very mixed.

I am carrying out a bit of renovation work and I could possibly run a long (7m ish) micro HDMI cable but access is very tricky (full size HDMI would not fit for various reasons) and would prefer not to if I could resolve this in another way given there is already a cat6 cable in place.

Any help appreciated!!

Joe Fernand

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Running HDMI over a single CAT cable properly requires an HDBaseT solution and they don't come cheap - I have seen one or two with integral USB extenders but they cost a few hundred £.

Micro HDMI are usually less then 3m so would require you to combine a micro with a standard cable to reach 7m.

Your requirements list and indicated budget are way out of line - the client PC is going to be your best option on this one.



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Ok, thanks Joe - what would the cost of a HDBaseT solution be and can you recommend one? Would this be 'future proof' ie capable of resolutions greater than 1080p?

It might be that micro HdMI is the way to go but not convinced it is possible...

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