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Hi All, hopefully someone can help.

I've just invested in a new amp, onkyo 608, and a pair of new floorstanding MA BR5s. I'm have two quick questions,

1. As I have not invested in decent speaker cable (yet), and am still using the crap I received with my old all in one from years ago, I don'y know if the ends that go into the back of the speaker match the other end into the amp. If that's not clear (prob not), the whole speaker cable is all one colour and obviously there are two wires on either end, so (at last the question) does it matter which part goes in where??? After all the speaker and amp inputs are colour coded black and red?

2. There's a hiss coming from the speakers, which increases with the volume increasing, it's loud enough to annoy. For example, when there is only a dialogue scene in a movie, OR a quiet part in music, it can clearly be heard. Is this down perhaps to the low low low quality "bell wire" i'm using? Also, some of the wire I have extended by simply wrapping the stripped wire around eachother and covering with electrical tape.:blush:

Many thanks for any ideas, advice etc.


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You do need to connect the right outputs on the amp to the right inputs on the speaker. If you have them crossed over you can put a speaker out of phase which can lead to funny accoustics in your room (sound cancellation).
The hissing does not sound right and could be due to the speaker cable but could be due to a lot of other things too.
As for speaker cable there is no need to spend more than £2 per metre and in fact could spend a lot less than that. Ebay have some good deals on reels and cost less than £1 a metre. Just get so 2.5mm oxygen free copper cable.


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I am not familiar with the auto-setup on Onkyo amps, but should it not correct for any out of phase issues due to speaker cable ends reversal?

Regards, Ian.


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Hi, and thanks for the advice. Just wondering though, if the speaker cable is all the same colour, how do you know if you are matching the inputs?

And is there any chance you could elaborate on other issues that may cause hissing?

Many thanks


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Hissing could be caused by the amp being faulty or it could be some form of interference from another source etc. It could also be due to the poor connection you have put in the cable. Since you appear to want to change the speaker cable anyway I would start there and if that does not solve it then will have to do some more problem solving (usually around unplugging everything and then connecting one thing at a time until the problem appears again).
Normallt on a speaker wire there will be some writing or marking on one of the cables to differentiate between the 2. If you have a multi meter then you can trace the lines using that.


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Sometimes there is a ridge on one of the cables, not always notiable unless you are looking for it.

Adam :)

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