Two questions on SS3.3


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Hi all.
The first thing I don't understand is how to get 352 Kbs. I can't see it anywhere.

The second one is Lossless format. Can you choose a bitrate with this format? I tried ripping a CD and then it wouldn't transfer to my HD5

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You can only transcode (convert) into 352k, not 'rip' to it diirectly at this point (who knows, maybe SS3.4 will allow that). Its only really worth doing that from wav files. If you right click on a track (or a set of highlighted tracks) you can use the convert option to get 352k ATRAC. You'll probably also want to unclick the "Add copy protection box"...

I'm not sure about the lossless stuff, not bothering with those...


Lossless is pretty much useless at this point. You can only use it to listen to music from your PC. The bitrate it lets you choose is just a lossy copy it creates for rapid transfers to a portable device. So you'll have both a lossless version (and you can't select a bitrate for it, since it will vary according to the music you're encoding) and a lossy copy attached. The ridiculous thing that makes lossless useless is that when you force a file to be transferred at a certain bitrate to the player, it will convert the lossy copy, not the lossless one. So your only chance of having a real 352 kbps file is from transcoding of a wav file.
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