two questions. graphics card connections and resolution related.


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hi guys and gals.

normally i wouldn't dream of using my home cinema kit for pc, but needs must for a few months untill i get sorted

i have a high spec pc with no graphics card in it due to faliure.

1st question.
is there any high quality graphics cards about with component AND dvi connections?

2nd question
i am wanting to run this new graphics through my av amp and philips 42" plasma. i have run the pc throiugh s video on the old graphics card but the quality was not good.
is it possible to get a graphics card tha will run at one on the following reserlutions through the component connector?

EDTV 640/720 x 480p
720 x 576p
HDTV 1920 x1080i
VGA 640 x 480 60 Hz
SVGA 800 x 600 60 Hz


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Cut and pasted from a quote I made earlier to someone else.

LARGE download (8mB) but explains see picture page 6.

Use the latest MCE drivers from NVidia.

Card avai;able in PCI-E, but can be found in AGP if necessary.

I have one of these fitted for my PC MCE and although connected via VGA and running NVidia Pruevideo the output is excellent.


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Graphics cards with Component aren't common at all.
It would be best to get one with VGA and DVI and then use a cable like this, to convert VGA to Component.
It should therefore be able to support many of those resolutions, but obviously would be outputting at the desktop resolution it would be set to.


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Graphics cards with Component are quite common, it just that an adapter is required and not many suppliers give this away. Gigabyte do.


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Andy98765 said:
Graphics cards with Component are quite common, it just that an adapter is required and not many suppliers give this away. Gigabyte do.
I think you might find that the adapter is a VGA to Component adapter, which is exactly the same as the cable I linked above.


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It really depends on how 'high quality' you want to go.

You can get a HIS ATI Radeon X800XL IceQ II 256MB PCI-E with VGA (and Component adapter included I believe) and DVI (HDCP Ready) for £99.99, here!

Seems pretty good to me.


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The cable linked is not a converter - it is only of any use to

a) connect a component video output (eg, 3 phonos on a DVD player) to a device which will accept a component video input on it's VGA port, such as some projectors.

b) connect a VGA port which can output component video (perhaps certain gfx cards), to a standard 3 phono component video input.

It will not convert standard VGA (aka RGBHV, and in some cases RGBS) to YPrPb component video - no cable alone can do this, as they are completely different standards.

All modern Nvidia (probably ATI too) gfx chips can output component video.
However, some gfx card makers choose not to implement this feature on their cards and just give you S-video and composite TV out. Others implement the feature on the card, but then do not include the necessary breakout box (ie adapter) to connect to the port on the card (it's usually a 6 or 7 pin DIN socket) - it's an optional extra and is usually almost impossible to get hold of.
A few gfx card makers, implement the feature and include the cabling.

Chris Muriel

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Quite correct.
In fact both RGB and YPbPr are both technically component video formats.
However YPbPr uses colour difference signals rather than the 3 primary colours.
I have a spreadsheet somewhere for doing the conversion maths from one to the other.

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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