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Two PS4's - Accessibility Query


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Apologies for the potential numpty question..though I think I know the answer - I'm looking for advice & guidance please.

My son currently has a PS4 and has a few digital games, including a pre-order for FIFA 18. I use his profile to game on Battlefield 1 (also purchased digitally). This console is used upstairs and is to remain there. I have recently purchased a 4k TV for the living room and I was considering getting a PS4 Pro for gaming downstairs.

I assume, perhaps wrongly, that the fact we have digital content would mean this could only be accessed on the Primary console? Would I ultimately have to bite the bullet and have my own profile and re-purchase Battlefield 1?

The easy option would be to purchase a PS4 Pro to replace the upstairs one and just transfer the console between rooms - I can't see that being too much of a problem, though naturally inconvenient.

Thoughts, advice welcome!




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Primary console upstairs = all users on that console can use the digital games.
Console downstairs = you need to be logged in as the account that bought the game to play the game. Other users can't access the game.

You can also set the console downstairs to be primary instead if you want & have the one upstairs as secondary (since your son will most likely use that console & be logged in as himself)


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Hi Guys,
I have a similar problem, which i could do with some advice on.
I have a PS4 in my living room, and my son has one also in his room.
My primary account is attached to his PS4, and his to mine (for game sharing etc.)
I've received a PS4 pro today, and want to replace it with my PS4 in the living room (My daughter is having the old one)
I want to do the data transfer over, however as my sons account is the primary account on my PS4, if i log in to do the data transfer, when it gets to the point of asking if i want to set the PRO up as a primary selecting "Yes" would obviously cause some issues as my account is tied to my sons PS4.

It might be a stupid question, but once i have completed the data transfer, it is as simple as selecting "No" for my primary account, logging out and logging into the PRO on my sons account and adding that as the primary.

Hope it makes sense, but has anyone else has a similar scenario which they could assist with.

Any help appreciated.



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