Two Power amps and one set of single wired speakers...


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Please don't shout me down too quickly but i'm ... :confused:

I've just demoed and paid for a set of single wired Red Rose Music Rosebud MK2 speakers on the second hand market. Sounded just right to my ears. http://www.redrosemusic.com/literature/rosebud2.pdf
I now have purchased two audiolab 8000P's. Is there a way of using one amp per speaker, as in separating each amp per speaker; tried googling but not sure I understand what can be done? I don't think I can passive biamp as there is only one set of binding posts per speaker so can't separate the bass and hi's etc.
Any info much appreciated... :thumbsup:
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According to the Documentation on the PDF link you provided the Red Rose speaker only have a single set of speaker terminals. So, standard Bi-Amping is not possible.

If the AudioLab 8000P can be BRIDGED, then you can use a single stereo pair as one large mono amp.

I tried looking up the AudioLab 8000P or even information on the newer 8200P on the AudioLab.co.uk website, and found very little on either. But, the descriptions do not list BRIDGING as an option, though the manual might say otherwise.

So, I don't think you can use both amps on these speakers. Still a single amp has at least 100w/ch and typically 120w/ch, that should be enough to effectively drive any speaker to satisfaction.




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Thanks for info, confirmed what I thought. Never mind I might look into getting the amp upgraded to newer and uprated spec. Was looking at this...
Red Hill Audio - Audiolab 8000p Upgrades
and keep other amp for integration into a surround system. As long as they sound good on the end of intended speakers. :smashin:
Thanks for your help.
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