Two Playback devices into one CRT input; one S-Video, one Composite


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I am in the midst of the digital TV switch over and purchased a Magnavox PVR/DVD recorder unit with a digital tuner. My Sony CRT has both S-video and a composite (yellow plug) inputs available for Video 1 (Video 2 has only composite, no S-video). Can I connect my new digital PVR/DVD to Video 1 using an S-video cable and an older VCR/DVD (analog tuner) unit to the composite input of Video 1 ?

I want the old VCR/DVD for playback of tapes, the new PVR/DVD for DVD and hard disk playback. Only one of the two playback units would be on at any given time. Is there any threat of damage to the CRT, PVR/DVD or VCR/DVD units with this scheme ?


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Video 2 is being used for a mini home theater system (only the yellow video in since the sound system is separate and does not use the Sony TV speakers). As a last resort, I can build a switch box for Video 2 that allows the switching of video in from the VCR to the home theater and leave the VCR audio L & R outputs always plugged into Sony TV Video 2 audio input.
Thanks for your prompt comment.


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It certainly shouldn't do any harm to use the S-Video and CV sockets on Video 1. Even if you had both input devices accidentally turned on at the same time the worst result may be some nasty interference.

But isn't there going to be some practical problems with what you're proposing?

No doubt Video 1 has the normal L/R white/red stereo input so how are you going to get the sound from two different devices without manually unplugging/plugging in when you want to swap?

A solution would be to use a phono plug doubler in each socket but if you're doing that you might as well instead go the whole hog and buy yourself a simple switchable 2 or 3 way AV controller. There are both separate S-Video and CV controllers but combination switchers are also widely available. Manual versions are relatively cheap so you could have everything running into the Video1 S-Video or CV input very easily.


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I am going to go the AV controller route. I very much appreciate the feedback. On further investigation of S-Video, I find that it is only a video; I erroneously thought with five pins, there was audio right and left, two video (chroma and lumen) and ground.
Thanks to all for the prompt responses.

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