Two of the same webcams at the same time


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I have two microsoft lifecam cinemas and im having trouble getting them both to work at the same time. They both work fine individually but whenever I try to get them to run at the same time either the program im using crashes or only one cam runs.
Has anyone had any luck getting two of the same webcams to work at the same time before?


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the issue your having is the software or driver even both will not support two of the same cameras you really need to search a software that support multiple cams that's if yours is supported that is.


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The software im using supports two cameras at the same time. Not sure about the drivers though. Is there something I can do like making a copy of the driver the two webcams are trying to use and tell one of them to use the copy?


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if you have them one the same usb hub it might be a problem with drivers

just a thought..
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