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I have two digital optical outputs (set top box & dvd) but only one input on my amp.
Cables are difficult to get at to change inputs into amp (back of tv stand).
Is there such a thing as an optical switch/input device that would have both inputs switchable, but one ouput?
What do other people do in similar setup?
I have checked some cable retailers but nothing I can see. Anyone have any ideas?


Expand your optical inputs/outputs with these
switchable selectors. They allow any three optical
devices to be connected to the input or output
of a fourth, The simple rotary selector eliminates
the need for continuous plugging/unplugging of
your equipment.
For Toslink connections [BTZ1T] £29.99

I posted what i use a while back, which is only a splitter. Only thing is you can't have both on at once otherwise it will confuse the amp. Cost about £3.00. Try Maplin and search for optical splitter.
many thanks for the advice, a splitter of some sort is what i need as i will only have one input on at any one time, i'll try Maplin's, cheers
Mat, have you looked on the Maplins 'site?

They list a 3-into-1 switch which at least LOOKS the same as the Keene/Lektropacks one, for £19.99 (+ P&P ?)

I've been considering buying one of these, so I'd be interested to hear your impressions of it if you go ahead.

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