Two Hands - a superb and often hilarious Aussie crime drama/thriller


Squirrel God


I watched this tonight and it's absolutely fantastic. Heath Ledger and Bryan Brown give first-rate performances and the script is brilliant. The film has won numerous movie awards and it's not hard to see why. It's sort of an Aussie "Lock Stock" or "Snatch" but obviously set in a sunnier part of the world :D There are some amusing moments, mainly in the last 30 minutes but the whole movie was captivating and had me totally enthralled.

It's best if you do as I did and don't read the synopsis or even the back cover and just watch the movie. That way you'll know nothing about the plot and will enjoy the movie even more :)

The only version to get is the R4 which is 1.85:1 anamorphic and DD2.0 Surround Sound. It's not available on R1 and the R2 is P&S. Good video and audio transfer, but there's a brief crackle and dropout at 49:17.

I was also pleased to see Powderfinger, a great Aussie band, get in on the soundtrack - it made me stick on their Odyssey Number Five CD as soon as the movie finished :D

Available from and and other on-line Aussie DVD retailers :D
if you liked that movie squirel then may i suggest you check out brian browns new film Dirdy deeds. very much in the vein of two hands. its about the mafia's attempt to take over the auzzie pokermachine racket. its set in the sixties and stars brian brown, toni collette and john goodman.
worth a look i think.

Or even "Buffalo Soldiers" by the same director and similarly blackly comedic.. when filmfour decide how to release it as they are now up the swanny. Getting good reviews though and pretty stella cast. (Ed Harris , Joaquim Pheonix , Scott Glenn) Yes I'm biased because I worked on it ( not that that would make me stick up for Pluto Nash for example). The director Gregor Jordon was one of the nicest I've worked with too.

Think Sgt Bilko meets Trainspotting .. not seen it myself yet though

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