Two displays one 1080p and one 1080i.


Just found out that my projector can take a 1080p signal but my LCD tv will take 1080i. I thought if ticked the 1080i box, my tv would pick up the PS3 automaticaly after i've switched off my PJ. But unfortunataly i get a blank screen. This means i need to to hold the standby button for 5 seconds to set the res again, or before switching off my PJ, untick the 1080p box.

Anyone with any ideas for work around.


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Yeah I'd be interested if anybody finds a graceful way of doing this as well.

I've also just noticed that my HD72i PJ will take a 1080p signal but my Tosh LCD will only accept up to 1080i.

So does holding the standby button in reset the resolutions completely or does it just restart the PS3 in the next lowest res?




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Cool - cheers.

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