Two DAB Radios Both Have Different Stations


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After experimenting with two DAB radios both in the same place with aerial fully extended both can pick up different stations! Annoyingly my Pure Evoke 1 cant pick up as many as my gfs Dads Pure One (the black plastic one) - hos picks up way more (and better).

Any thoughts on this as I would really like to pick up the same stations as his. It appears his is picking up stations from Bournemouth way were as mine isnt.

Help would be appreciated!


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There's only one possibility, imho, assuming that you're using the built-in aerials - neither of the autotuners is perfect, but they're imperfect in different ways. If you see what I mean.

I have an external DAB aerial for the DAB tuner in my hi-fi, but then I got a portable for my study. I deliberately chose a Pure Evoke 2 on the basis that it had an external aerial connector, as well as the built-in telescopic aerial. I hit autotune and it found...5 stations. And two of those were broadcast from Reading, about 7 miles away.

Point is, the external aerial installers reckoned I didn't need one, because I live in a strong signal area.

Well, whatever I did I couldn't persuade the portable to find more than five stations automatically, so I did some wiring to connect it to the external aerial and hey presto it easily found sixty stations.

Hope that helps.


ahaydock, when you say 'two radios in the same place', do you mean in exactly the same place, or just roughly? At 200MHz, a signal can 'null' out and re-appear just a couple of feet away, so your radios - even if they were identical - could be getting different muxes if they are just a couple of feet apart.
We've only recently joined the DAB revolution with a Roberts RD15 portable. Upstairs it finds several stations that 'aren't available' downstairs, but this is the nature of VHF radio, analogue or digital.
It has also found two versions of some stations - it has marked one version of each with a ? and these seem to come from out-of-area muxes which are poor signals and only work in certain rooms.

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