Two consoles, and a DVD player, but only one SCART on the TV...


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I have a PS2, and a DC, as well as an RGB capable DVD player. All three deviced NEED an RGB capable SCART port (I know I can use a composite signal on the PS2, but it looks like ****). My TV only has one SCART port, which is RGB capable.

How do I hook up all three devices? SCART switch boxes (the ones I've seen) only support RGB on one, sometimes two of the OUT-ports.


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Your best (and cheapest) bet would be the Argos Scart Switch Box. Despite what it says, it does actually allow RGB pass-through for 3 devices. I can;t remember the cat. no. of the top of my head but there are two in the catalogue. It's the one at £9.75 and has RCA phono outputs on it as well. If you do a search on past posts, the cat. no. has been posted numerous times :).

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I've done a bit of market research on this one as I only have one RGB input on my TV and my DVD and XBox both use RGB.

I've been informed by a number of sources that the RGB 'splitters' currently on the market don't work particuarly well and that you will lose quality. I haven't seen the results for myself yet but am very interested in hearing from anyone who has....?

I'm actually waiting for a call back from hi-fi junkies as they're trying to locate a good one that will do the job properly for me... - i'll let you know if receive any good news.


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I have my gamecube, playstation and sky box all going through a btech scart control bt21 box. All three inputs support rgb, and it also supports auto widscreen. This is definitely a good buy for what you need;)


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I'm using one of the Argos switch boxes too, they are just great - i've got my DVD player (Sony DVPNS700V) plugged strait into the TV, then the second scart socket on the DVD player goes to the switch box, which has the freeview box and a couple of games consoles plugged into it. Everything works fine, as if each device was connected directly to the TV. The Argos box also has RCA ins and outs for sound and composite video, so you can connect the inputs to your amp to get sound from your consoles etc and connect the output ones to the amp you get the sound coming from the TV tuner which can be useful if your TV doesn't have phono outputs.

The Btech and the Argos box are pretty much the same, but it costs £9.99 at Argos. Maplin also sell them for £19.99

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