Two circuits of outside lighting, both on 2 way switches - Plus Smart control? Options?


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Extension is being built and next week in First Fix of electrics.

I want two circuits of lights on the outside of the house:

  • Back of the house - Updown lighters and maybe some Soffit lights.
  • Side of house - Couple of bulkhead lights and downlighters lighting access.

I plan to ask the builders to run cables for both circuits to 2 locations - so I can turn on either circuit from either exterior door.

If I then want Smart control as well do I fit Shelly Dimmer/Fibaro Dimmer modules. Do I only need one module per circuit? Will this still work with 2 way switches and dimming?

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yes it will work with 2 way switching and dimming (use 3 way retractive switches at both positions, so you can dim at the switch as well)


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You can but In the year since my kitchen extension was built I have touched my exterior lighting switches precisely ZERO times. HA server deals with it Dusk till midnight on side and rear. Dusk till dawn front of house. 2 Fibaro modules 3 circuits. If I have to go down the side of my house to access bins after midnight, Alexa or the PIR handles it. Yes I have switches, but they don’t get used. And a Shelly 1 and a 2.5 handle 3 garden lighting circuits.


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It is a mains cabled PIR wired into a Fibaro Switch module. When the PIR triggers it switches the Fibaro Module. This is picked up by the HA server and switches the lights.


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The Fibaro module has no switch input, it is wired directly to the PIR. Its sole purpose is to turn a dumb mains powered PIR into a smart PIR. The 240v output of the PIR that would normally power the lighting circuit is wired into the switch circuit of the Fibaro. So effectively the PIR is acting as the switch.
This allows me to turn on whatever I want from the PIR. Currently its the side and rear lights, but it could be all 3 of the garden lights circuits if I wanted it in security mode when I am on vacation. I could even have it turn on internal lights to make it look like somebody is at home. I couldnt find a decent mains powered smart external PIR, so I made one.

You just take the Switched Live output of the PIR into S1 of the Fibaro. Voila the PIR is now smart. Will work with almost any outdoor PIR.
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