Two Canadian canoes and a 2019 Nissan Leaf - traveled 400km at 100km/h


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We live in Hokkaido, Japan's northern-most island. We were loaned a 2019 Nissan Leaf (40kWh) for three days by a local dealership as part of Nissan Japan's extended test drive campaign.

We put two Canadian canoes on the roof and drove 200km north to a lake, on the expressway at 100km/h.

Oh how we wished for the 62kWh version of the car.

Stating the obvious, at this speed, with that amount of aerodynamic drag, the range was pretty low (about 120km). Below is a simulation of driving time vs charging time for that 212km journey we took. Based on this, we should have been driving at around 70-80km, and we'd have arrived at our destination sooner.

Dashboard 1 (1).png

Full blog post review with interactive versions of the simulations here:
We loved the car for the amount of room it has though. Absolutely perfect for our needs. Just a pity that in Hokkaido where we live, 75% of electricity is generated using fossil fuels. The Leaf ends up emitting less CO2 than a similar petrol car, but still is not "Zero Emissions" as Nissan claims (at least where we live).

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