Two Boxes off Sky+ Subscription? Is it Legal?



This is maybe a bit sneaky but has anyone tried pulling one of the two input cables out of their Sky+ box and putting it into a seperate Sky box? If not, does anyont think it will work? If it does, do you think it is illegal?!

I'd much prefer to have Sky in two rooms than be able to record from 2 channels simultaneously (which I'll still be able to do - just in seperate rooms!).


P.S. I'm aware of Sky Multiroom but that option is £10 - this option is free providing you subscribe to 2 premium channels.


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if you lived in a flat and only had two LNB feeds, then you could do this if you wanted, but the second box would only get freesat.....unless you activated its card by paying Sky £10 a month extra for multiroom :)

edit: the only other option of course is to have two boxes, one with a paid for card and the other with a freesat card, then whenever you want to watch a paid for program in another room, physically swap the boxes over...heh....this could get a little annoying after the first couple switches....also more chance of damaging something......
and still means only being able to watch a paid for service in one room at a time.......

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to be honest, this is bugged. technically, for 2 sky+ subs, if they aint free, it should be £20. many people though get them both for £10. its down to luck really.

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