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I have just bought and hooked up an Abit USB device that has optical outs so that I could easilly hook the PC up the my hifi amp and still connect it to my PC speakers via my Creative SB Live.

I hooked it all up and the Abit thing installed and works fine but I now get no sound from my PC speakers even though it says the device is working fine.

Any ideas? I'm running XP by the way.

I was discussing something similar with taintedFire last night regarding Sony's M-Crew software which is used with the USB kits for minidisc decks (not to be confused with the OpenMG software for the new NetMD decks and portables)

According to the new manuals, when you install the USB driver you only need to reselect the default audio device in windows control panel. For XP this will be Sounds and Audio Properties and then Sounds. Select your SB Live as the default playback and recording device.

I have the SB Live Platinum (non 5.1) card and Live Drive. It appears as SB Live! [DA100].

I don't know if you have to reboot. I'd be interested to know if you do?

I don't think this solves your problem though. Because you cannot have both set as default at the same time! Windows will still load both drivers I think but it can only feed a signal to either device and not both simultaneously.

If you want analogue output to your speakers from your soundcard and then digital out to your amp separately but not in tandem I think you're alright.

With the Sony kit you have to remove and replace the USB cable and reselect the Sony driver as default b4 a MD deck will hear anything from the digital out.

Hope this helps.


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