Two And a Half Men


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It hit a rough patch in the fifth season at least for me as Jake as subject of a lot of jokes became tiresome and well almost distasteful at times (yes I know it's a tv show). The sixth season returned to form though:)


it should be shown on normal tv so that more people get to see it,can you imagine having a stalker like rose :):)


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I also have been catching the odd shows. Find it quite good along with his other show big bang theory.
Will definately try and buy the other 5 seasons unless they are not good?


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Its very easy viewing like friends was. I only watched my first episode about 3 weeks ago but I think I seen all 6 series now or whatever the amount of episodes they show :D Reminds me bit of The Simpsons in the way that first episodes centred around the kid and later episodes centred around the adults where the humour definately lies.


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An entertaining show but the best thing is the other half likes it as well so it is one of a few shows that we both watch together (along with Top Gear, Doctor Who and the F1 grand prix)


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Love Two /half men... something that you can jump in on any series / episode and just enjoy it for the special moments there in. No one character rules the show and they all hit you with their comic nuggets :)...

Solomon Grundy

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It's a funny show, not quite 30 Rock funny but I always watch it if it's on.

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Charlie Sheen has reportedly hinted that he may be on his way out of Two And A Half Men.
At the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, the 44-year-old is said to have told friends that he has had a "good run" on the CBS sitcom. He plans to quit the series after this season when his current contract expires, Buddy TV reports.
"I've got five kids, I've got an amazing wife. There is life outside of show business. It's been a great run. This is my last contract year," Sheen is reported as saying.

hopefully he was just drunk


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Can't see it working as One and a Half Men. Hopefully it's just contract negotition tactics :)

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Two and a Half Men might have to end prematurely if Charlie Sheen is imprisoned next month.
The actor, who plays hedonistic bachelor Charlie Harper in the sitcom, was recently charged with three counts of assault on his wife Brooke Mueller.
The Los Angeles Times reports that Sheen could face three years in jail for his alleged crime, which would ultimately signal the end of the popular show.
The CBS series, which attracts over 14 million viewers on a regular basis, has already experienced problems after having to rejig its filming and production to allow Sheen to prepare his defence.


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I really enjoy watching Two and a Half Men :thumbsup:, I mostly watch random episodes on TV though:rolleyes:

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Charlie Sheen is reportedly taking a leave of absence from Two and a Half Men to check into rehab.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sheen’s publicist released a statement today saying the CBS sitcom star would enter a rehabilitation facility as a “preventative measure.”
The statement read: "He will take some time off his series Two and a Half Men. He has asked that his privacy be honoured. No further statements are planned."
The statement reportedly came hours after Sheen failed to show up for work on the programme. It is thought that his departure came as a surprise to CBS and the show’s producers.
Sheen was reportedly urged to enter rehab after returning to alcohol, after years of sobriety.
His wife Brooke Mueller is believed to have checked into a Malibu clinic earlier this month.
The actor's personal life has made the headlines on a daily basis since his Christmas arrest on domestic violence charges against his wife.
Two and a Half Men remains five episodes short of its 23-episode order for the current season. It is unclear if the show will continue filming without Sheen.

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Charlie Sheen has stoked speculation that his hit sitcom Two And A Half Men could end, saying that if the current series is the last, "so be it".
The actor issued a statement after US press speculation that he was demanding a higher salary to continue his role as libidinous bachelor Charlie Harper.
Two And A Half Men is the top-rated sitcom in the US. Sheen's salary is around $825,000 (£536,665) per episode.
BBC News - Charlie Sheen says Two And A Half Men could end


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Seems Charlie Sheen has now signed up for another 2 years :thumbsup:

Charlie Harper is back!

After publicly considering leaving Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen has agreed to return to the hit sitcom for two more years.
“To put a fitting end on the two and one-half months of whirlwind speculation, I’m looking forward to returning to my CBS home on Monday nights,” Sheen says in a statement

From the People magazine.

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