Two amps and One set of speakers


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Did do a search but couldn't seem to find an answer.

What I would like to ask is, Is it safe to wire 2 amps to one set of speakers?.

I am interested in purchasing the Cambridge Audio 640A.

At the moment I have the CDP going through the Marantz amp, and the stereo output is not that hot. I am hoping that buying a seperate amp would improve the quality of output.

So any help would be greatly appreciated.


The best way to set this up is to connect the front L/R pre-outs on the receiver to any input on the new amp. Just connect the speakers to the stereo amp and when watching DVD etc set the HiFi amp to the correct input and the receiver will feed it with the front L/R signal. Connect CD etc to the HiFi amp so when listening to music you leave the receiver switched off.
In my experience this does make a large improvement for music.



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I currently run my two amps, in the same as MarkE19 has stated.

Just conne ct your pre-outs on your Av amp to spare inputs on your stereo amp.

You must remember o decrease the volume level on your stereo amp, before switching sources, eg going from AV to Cd palyback for example.

I have my cd player connect via analogue to stereo amp, it is also connected to AV amp via digital, for party times -all speakers blaring and sound quality not an issue.

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