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I have a HiSense TV with the VIDAA OS. Apparently there is no native app for Twitch.TV for this. I seem to recall the shop demo feed on the TV had a Twitch logo though but whatever.

So I thought no problem, I will just use the Twitch web app. But hell, the built-in browser on this TV is really poor. It struggles to load video, and when it does there is no audio. Seem to recall I could not log into Deezer via the browser either or get that working for music.

So my question is has anyone been able to get Twitch working somehow on this TV, preferably without having to cast from another device or mobile over WiFi and lose frames/performance? Or perhaps managed to install a better web browser, not just for Twitch but literally everything else?

This is very disappointing. I would have thought it would at least have a feature rich browser to plug the gap for any non-native apps. Maybe it's my ignorance, but this seems like a bit of an obvious miss on HiSense's part no? Not trying to sound funny, but a smart TV with a broken web browser... um what? Perhaps there's reasons, but I just find this odd.
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