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this was the first uk dvd i got wayyy back in '99 the thx badged one
then the badge went
then the artwork changed
now i find for 6.99 in virgin a dts badge on the front and a directors commentary !! whats going on and why was i not imformed? ideas?


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Originally posted by dvdmike
and why was i not imformed? ideas?

Shot in the dark here, but Warner's didn't call maybe because they haven't got your number?:rolleyes: :D


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its not on play or amazon is it worth getting?


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Or try DVD Pacific for the R1 version with a full bitrate DTS track, for about the same money..or at least it was when I snapped it up a while back...:D

Twister R1 DTS

Iain Shields

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Another vote for the R1 dts edition here.

As for weather you should get it? It depends on how much you like the film and if you value a dts track and director's commentary...



I have the R1 DTS THXversion, i thought the sound was really good, but the picture quality is dire, one of the worst R1's i've ever seen.


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Play have it for £6.99 but no sign of the dts/commentary one.
Anyone know if they will be stocking it?

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