Twinhan vp1030 DVB-S CI Pci card

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by sinbrad, Jul 1, 2004.

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    Okay people,

    Just invested in the above card and have come to a grinding halt. Installed as per the manual etc but unable to get anything at all. No signal being received from satellite. Have already an stb linked up to the current satellite and receiving pictures and sound perfectly. So cabling etc is fine. Is there any third party apps etc that I should be adding to the standard DVB-S software to get the program to recognise it's getting something from the satellite? Latest drivers etc have been installed.
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    I have both a Twinhan VP-1020 and a Broadlogic BL2030 in my desktop PC.

    ProgDVB is a 3rd party viewing/tuning package that will support the VP1030 CI.
    It is also hosted on some other websites.

    There is at least one hobbyists' forum dedicated to ProgDVB so you could find more help there.
    I ditched the s/ware that Twinhan shipped with my card at a very early stage. It also failed its intial install of the upgraded s/ware that I downloaded from their (very slow) website.

    I use DVBapps - written by a friend of mine in Florida- but it doesn't support the 1030CI.

    With any of these cards, the commonest mistake is not telling the program correctly the details of your LNB type (local oscillator frequencies etc).
    The standard type in UK is a "Universal LNB" with LO frequencies of 9.75 GHz for low-band Ku and 10.6GHz for hi-band Ku. In some software this may have to be manually entered & may be in MHz (9750 and 10600).

    I hope this helps,
    Chris Muriel, Manchester.

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