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My AV amp is an old and modest but effective Yammy DSPA5. It only has a single RCA phono outupt for LFE that I currently have piped into a Yammy YST SW320 sub. My question is - how would I go about setting up two subs? I have read that I can just use a splitter and share the signal between 2 subs but I'm not convinced. I am no expert but it seems wrong to me. I always thought the amp had to have split sub RCAs?

I am considering adding a REL Q200E to REALLY fill in the low end stuff but dont wanna splash out if I cant use it with my existing AV amp before I upgrade in ac ouple of years

Any thoughts? Cheers in advance
You can use a Y-adapter (splitter) from the Sub out at the amp, no problem.
May need to calibrate the volume levels again.

Or if any of the subs has a line level out you can connect the 2nd sub (new or old, depending which one has the output) to that. (Daisy-chained)

As mentioned by Reiner, a Y splitter will do the job. Before you dive into purchasing the Rel, consider one of the Velodyne subs thats available in the Power Buys Forum. Just upgraded my Q200 to the CHT15 and its superb, far superior to the Rel.

Worth considering.


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