Twin Peaks DVD

Will K

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I had it, I've sold it on now though. The picture is VHS quality and the sound has quite a few pops and crackles. Series 2 is supposed to be released in September.


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thank you for that link Phillip, definitely a better price :0
If it's only VHS quality though it doesn't do me much good
as i have all the episodes recorded on Video CD.
I presume the R2 Version of the first 7 Episodes is much better?
Going for that then and waiting for the release of Part 2.

wonder how they messed that up like that though regarding that
my homemade Video CD's are better quality than VHS

Big Al

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I second that the r2 version rocks. Great picture and DD sound.

The second series has been a long time coming, I am hoping its worth the wait, as things get even wierder and darker. I particulary enjoeyd the Wyndhan Earle plot thtead.


Big Al

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