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Tweeter for B&W CM8


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Had my CM8's for around 4-5 weeks now and they're absolutely fantastic - I couldn't be happier with them.

But unfortunately a housemate leaned over one of my speakers to get something off a shelf and managed to dent one of the tweeters.

I'm trying to get hold of a new one but B&W have told me they won't be getting anymore in stock until February. That just seems ridiculous to me.

Any idea where I might be able to source another one from, i.e authorized dealer?




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Many tweeters can be dismantled in such a way that you can get to the diaphragm from behind. This usually involves removing the magnet which is usually separate from everything else. Then you can very carefully push out the dent. It'll not be perfect but should tide you over until you can get it replaced. I've successfully done this with a Mordaunt-Short aluminium domed tweeter before.


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You could also try using a vacuum cleaner with the attachment removed or some blu-tac to fix it. Does it actually have an adverse effect on the sound or is it purely aesthetics?


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I got a replacement CM1 tweeter next day just this week from Chew & Osborne Ltd :: Perfectionists in Audio and Video equipment for 40 years - I'm pretty sure it's the same part as the CM7.

If you want to try a repair first and the damage is minor then don't both with a vacuum cleaner or blu-tac; it doesn't work on the aluminium dome. If the damage is minor you can easily take the tweeter out yourself if you are careful by undoing the allen bolts and lifting the faceplate off, then unscrewing the baffle from the back. Use something like the rounded top end of a pencil - basically something hard with the same curvature as the tweeter - to poke it out from behind.

It's a little tricky to reassemble as you can't lie it flat to do up the baffle screws, which are tight, but it's perfectly possible to hold it in your hand to do it so long as the screwdriver is the right size.


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Hi everyone,
Have the same problem with my cm8 tweeter. I have the replacement tweeter diaphragm but cannot remove the tweeter. I unscrewed the bolts on the front, but do not know where to go from there. It won't come out. Can anyone help?

Oi Oi Savaloy

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I was in Audiovenue in west London last week..they had a CM9 that had a new tweeter fitted..also they had covers fitted to protect against further damage..


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