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After recently adding a DVD2200 to my setup I find myself rather underwhelmed by the PQ.I bought it to replace a Toshiba SD220E after I started to find the Tosh a little "noisy" on a five foot wide screen.The Tosh was fine on a 32" widescreen,not so great after buying a PLV-Z1.I thought there would be some BNR and MNR settings on the Denon but can't find any,does anyone know of any(possibly in a service menu?)?
I have to say I'm only sat about 7-8 feet from the screen(maxed out the space in the loft room!)so maybe I'm just being picky,I've had plenty of experience to know that all kit will have digital artefacts from close proximity.Anyhow,all suggestions will be gratefully received.
p.s I'm not exactly new to this board,I used to be called Silent Lucidity but somehow lost access to this account(not through being "booted" by the mods I must add!).

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