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I have got a TW7400 projector working alongside a Humax 1100S and amazon 4K fire stick.

Can anyone send me a few links on Amazon to a high quality HDMI cable that would work at a 4K res at a length of about 12M please


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I've also found this one that seems to be cheaper again, but seems to have 'the spec' needed in it's details?

Amazon product

Just wondering how does one know which to go for?
Out of interest, what made you pick that particular one?

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'Just wondering how does one know which to go for?' -

1. You ignore any claims about HDMI 2.0.

2. You ignore any claims about certified on anything longer than 8m.

3. You ignore pretty much anything in the Amazon description and realise it is all click bait.

4. You dig around for feedback on particular cables or you start purchasing cables, test them in your system and return anything which does not work.

And most important of all you realise that even if it works today it can fail and you want to ensure you can easily replace any cable you install.



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I notice this is a 1920 x 1080 projector, similar to the TW7400, but being JVC better quality?
Can you get a [email protected] using this projector with the cable you guided me too and it all runs good?
I can't say for sure how it performs [email protected], although I have used to briefly play BF5 Purley to see visuals, all the streaming services play 4k fine, I can try 60 if I can some content but not before the weekend.
To add to what Joe said, my personal experience has been hybrid cables are the ones to go for as they seem to carry the required signal.


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I've re-looked at this HDMI cable from amazon, but sadly it's out of stock.

Just wondering if anyone else can send a few links to other cables of the same quality pls that will do [email protected] and be HDCP 2.2. The cable needs to be 15M long

Damp Squid

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