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    So had the above projector about 6 months or so before it took a heavy fall down the stairs... known issues are 1. a blade off the fan's snapped off, 2. mounting for the lens door open switch is snapped (but I think its held firm enough in place such it still works) 3. LED just flashes when trying to turn it on and nothing visibly comes to life

    We then moved to a place with no space for a projector and so didnt do anything about it for the last 3 years but now have a new home and its actually ours so can consider cables in walls etc to deal with the Mrs hate of how our lounge has looked for the last decade.

    So the question has been raised as to if I should try and repair the existing unit or cut our losses and buy another; and if so, which? Whilst the Mrs and I agree on most things home cinema is one we dont... she is all about the picture and the bigger the better. I on the otherhand like the audio as much as the picture and so have an Arcam AVR550 and Kef R500 speakers (though she wants rid of them). Currently have a 55" B7 TV for day to day viewing but projector will be used for films (Sky Q, 4k Blu-ray, 4k Apple TV) with no sport/gaming.

    The room is a 4.5m x 10m kitchen/lounge with projection being across the 4.5m. Its not a very bright room because of tall trees close to the window but neither is it going to be a bat cave. I was thinking a 110" screen to drop in front of the TV but not sure how the Mrs will feel with the L&R being wide enough apart to flank the projector screen.

    Cash is tighter than normal at the mo, could probably get £2,500 together for a new projector and screen; if the existing projector can be repaired cheaply then even better but still need a screen.

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