TW10H no sound


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Hi all
looking for help

just got my first PJ an epson TW10H
my problem is im not getting any sound to my amp and also tried my stero with no joy.
im using the RGB SCART adapter and using a/v cable (white/red) from the PJ
to the amp.

so all im doing is plugging the xbox or my dvd player into scart.

is it me or maybe a problem with the PJ ?

HELP :lease:


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I have this projector, and they aren't really advisable to use to provide sound ~ it probably only outputs 1W or something like that.
You need to connect your dvd / xbox audio (preferably using co-ax or optical cable to hear Dolby digital/dts soundtracks, if your Amp is DD/DTS compatible?))to your Amp & marry it up with the Video output on your Amp(if connecting via component/s-video/composite), then you should have audio to your hearts content.
Seeing as you are connecting stuff via RGB SCART this is bypassing the amp, so it's just a matter of connecting the xbox / dvd audio to your amp if it isn't already, & selecting that source

Does your amp have component/s-video ports on the back? (What model do you have)?



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stu1 said:
thanks for the reply

my amp is a ELTAX AVR-280

so if you can mate can you give me a daftys step by step set up as you can tell im new to this and all this connecting stuff is doing my head in..

and any new cables i will need..

Attempted to look at the manual of the amp, but got an error.

Really need to know what dvd player u have (does it have optical/co-ax port on the back), & are you listening in stereo (phono cable red/white), or if you already have an optical or co-ax cable connected & are listening in 5.1 surround sound??

Not owning an x-box, i'm unsure of its connections either, but i remember reading somewhere that it outputs DD 5.1 surround sound!

I take it you are outputting a 16:9 RGB picture (should be set to squeeze mode on the projector, & dvd player set to 16:9 via its setup menu) fine on the projector??

Were you watching dvds on a widescreen (16:9) tv before or a 4:3 tv?

Will try to help where i can



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If you've connected DVD SCART>PJ>AMP then I doubt it will work. I doubt that the SCART adapter even sends the audio to the projector and I doubt that the projector would pass audio through. Usually the audio sockets on projectors are inputs.

You need to connect DVD SCART > PJ for audio
DVD digital coax or optical > amp for sound.


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got it sorted now :clap:

it was just me as normal.

thanks for the help..

just waiting on good cables now and im more than happy with the PJ ...

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