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    I evaluated a TW100 (firmware 1.08) over the weekend with my Pioneer DV 533K PAL interlaced DVD player fed via component and found the following (I have a controlled room with a 3m wide white screen) after AVIA callibration:

    1. Black is great - it is really black (much better than AE100)
    2. Color is great
    3. Screendoor almost non-existent
    4. There is a lot of "jagged vertical edge feathering" around the edges of objects during horizontal movement (seems to be slightly better on NTSC DVDs) caused by the interlaced signal.
    5. Twitter - horizontal scan lines were more emphasized during general movement on PAL DVDs than with NTSC DVDs.
    6. Overall picture was quite dark in dark areas (almost too dark for my liking)
    7. Unit had 6+ faulty pixels
    8. Apart from the above issues the picture was a bit more movie theatre-like than with the AE100 (e.g. could almost see the typical movie grain).

    Anybody else noticed anything similar to my points 4 - 6 above? I tried all the different options in the TW100 to ellimnate these artifacts without luck. I did not notice these on my previous AE100 (except for excessive screen door).


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