TW10 vs ae500 - a battle of cost


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Mar 4, 2004
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New to the forum, but been visiting a lot, and trying to make a decision about buying a projector. I have rounded it down to the Epson TW10 or the Panny AE500. The Panny is almost double the cost of the TW10, but in faireness it is almost double the spec.

So a couple of questions:

1) Will I really notice the difference in resoultion? I am going to be using it for DVDs and PS2, not PC......

2) The TW10 is a good 150 lumens lighter, again will I this be a huge difference? I can totally black out the room if this helps answer.

3) Since I can only get the projector a maximum of 3m back, which projector will benefit me more?

Thanks for your time - sorry if this covers questions from the FAQ! I can afford both, but if I go for the Epson I can afford a nice big corner sofa too! :D


How about the ae300. They can be had for around £800 shipped now. Personally I went for the ae500 as I wanted the higher resolution for PC use. The 300 seems like a really good unit for the money.
Would everyone rate the ae300 over the TW10?
How much can you get the tw10 for ? I am just trying to get an idea of your budget.
I can get my hands of the TW10 for £790. I can afford higher, but if the extra resolution is no advantage to me then I wont waste my money.....

Will the AE500s extra resolution not come in to its own in the future?
I am going to use it with my PC (Mainly for gaming) so the higher resolution was the main reason I choose it over the 300. Komplett have the Panasonic AE300E for £775.50 at the moment plus £5 for shipping. So it is very much in the same price range as the TW10 you are looking at. I guess you need someone who as seen the two units together to give a fair comparison.

The 300 is very well thought of though. There is an excellent review @

They reckon overall it is better than the Sony HS10 which is still a an excellent projector and certainly a good benchmark.

Note this is a US site but my understanding is that the Panasonic PT-L300U is the same spec as the Panasonic AE300E without RGB scart which is present for the European model.

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