TVs with twin/dual Freeview tuners?


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Hi guys.

Does anyone know of a 32" TV that features dual Freeview tuners that can record content?

My parents have a mass of equipment from VCR, dvd, Blu-ray, and you view set top boxes that I feel could be massively simplified with the right choices. The limitation is they prefer a smaller TV, like a 32"


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Very unlikely at a small screen size. Twin tuners tend to appear on higher end / top of the range TVs. Even then PVR capability is a bit hit and miss from what I've read.

A Freeview PVR (whether Freeview HD+, You View or Freeview Play) attached to a TV via hdmi is about as simple as it gets for basic viewing and watching recordings. Always turn on and use the PVR. Virtually no need to ever use the TV remote or tuners.

How old are your parents and why do you feel they need their installation "simplifying"? They are adults, after all! ;)

If they still have VCR tapes and DVD disks they want to watch they'll still need to hook them up to a new TV and that could give even bigger headaches with lack of scart/rgb inputs.


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They're in their 70s bud, with my father a few months from 80. They were never that tech savvy to begin with and struggle with a multitude of remote controls and equipment.

I'll see what's out there

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