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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Orson, Feb 25, 2002.

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    I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to TV & home cinema, & I have been looking for a new TV for several weeks now. I had almost decided on the Sony KV28FX65, but having seen the useless stand, have crossed this off the list. Then I began looking at Panasonic, in particular the TX28PB50 which has interesting features such as picture in picture, picture and text etc. I have been reading the various threads on this forum, & this model of Panasonic seems OK.
    My problem is this. I have been to a Panasonic dealer,(specialist, not box shifter) & have viewed various models, although not the PB50, & all the pictures seemed OK. The dealer put a 50Htz at the side of a 100Htz, and although there was a difference, I couldn't see any flicker in the 50Htz. I'm not really bothered about DTS & ProLogic, I'm sure nicam will do me fine, but I do quite like pure flat. So it would appear that I could save quite a bit of money by buying a cheaper set, but now back to the subject (& reason I posted this). Although picture quality is 1st priority, I do like the Idea of PIP/PAT etc, but can only find these features in the higher end Panasonics, so the questions I have are:

    1) Does anyone know of any other manufacturer who has these features?

    2) Does anyone actually use these features, or are they just gimmiky rubbish?

    3) Does anyone know of any retailers which have the 28PB50 for less than empiredirect (£839)

    I will be replacing a v. old 20" Decca tv with a screen like a goldfish bowl, so ANY tv will be an improvement.

    I look forward to peoples comments & opinions....Thanks

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