TVs with built-in recording?


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I am in the market for a roughly 32-42inch tv, but with an integrated recorder for Freeview.

I have played with a few tvs recently at the higher end which have the facility that you can attach USB storage and then record to it.

Seems to be very hard to find. I know i can lookup the manual for each model but other than that it's a bit hard to find out.

I'm really looking at lower end TVs - say in the £500 price range.

Does anybody know of any that do this?


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Cheers. Have looked at the specs for it and seems to be available for ~£600.

Need to also factor in the cost of a hard drive to use with it.

Do you know of any models which are smaller or lower spec?


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I think the 32G20 and 37G20 LCDs may have the same functionality, but don't quote me!
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