TV's out of sync



I have two TV's in adjoining rooms, from the same ariel socket.

One is at least a second behind the other.

What is the problem.

Can I do anything to sync them.

I have to turn the one volume down and listen to the other if madam is cooking.

Not so bad if we are watching different progs, but dam frustrating if on the same one.




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There's not a lot you can do unfortunately...it's the nature of digital processing...the TV electronic circuits have to delay the sound because it can be processed a lot quicker than the picture and this delay depends on the size of the screen...I take it one is a large screen and the other a bit smaller.
There are also delays between the different methods of broadcast delivery (Platforms) Digital Terrestrial (Freeview) Satellite and Cable.
Some large screen sets have an adjustable audio delay setting within the advanced sound menu.
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Yes thats the problem with digital TV. Bring back analogue TV in HD! Imagine it, no bitrate issues or compression artifacts.....

Fair bit of spectrum though, but imagine 4 channels in that quality rather than all the blocky +1 channels and other channels of repeats. Its what people have iplayer and PVR's for.
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