TV's or Pio 5100 fault ? Help pls.



Hi all,

First I,ve put my ask for explanation & help into TV's forum here. But I got only the answer for a first one ( thanks Nigel anyway ). So maybe I'll find more from you here. That's what I wrote there"
My thread was titled:
" What's wrong...reversible signal from only TV'S INPUT socket ? "

Hi all,
First of all sorry for my english. Anyway I need help.
I have Sony KV-FQ3680. It has 5 inputs of what I use only 2 ( RGB ).
1st TV's input is connected from Sat digital receiver ( TV OUTPUT )
2nd TV's input is connected from DVD Recorder Pioneer 5100 ( TV OUtput )

To the over mentioned DVR 5100 I put the Cable TV signal IN
(throw separate cable ) and OUT ( throw separate cable ) STRIGHT TO TV's RF socket.
As you know I can watch every outter signal throw DVR .
So I can watch RF ( cable signal ), Sat Digilal Receiver.

Everything works fine untill;
If choose DVR input ( L 3 ) too pass signal from Sat digital receiver
and I TURN IT OFF I should see... NOTHING. But no way I can see a very week tv signal ( presented set TV program in TV mode ) with a proper voice. Again Am sure - in this , over mentioned case ( input ) I should see black TV screen and NO voice at all.
So, if I pull of from TV input socket the cable which connects Sat digital receiver ( SCART ) with TV - everything is OK. I mean TV screen is black and no voice exist.

I think that sth. is wqrong with TV Scart socket which SHOULD BE ONLY IN ( no IN and OUT - there is nth. about it in TV's User Manual ).
Now the task for you as I do NOT have anybody can help me.
I do appreciated any answer so do mNOT let me down ;-)
Now am gonna explain what it is the problem for me. My Pio 5100 has ' Auto Rec Start " which ( if connected with any ex source ) turn it on itself and turn out itself if it ( pio ) detect any input signal from external source. It works as:
I programmed my DSR's ( Digital Sat Receiver ) built in tuner to turn on at and turn to record some programmes.
So IF i;
2) I put my PIO into " Auto Rec MOde "
3) PIO turn of itself AND...

... IT tURN itself ON after 5 secound because it feel reversible signal from TV !!! ???

So what to do ??????????

... which oughtn't let the back signal from TV's SCART pass throuh it to Pio ?

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