TVonics DTR-Z500HD Sound but no picture


Hi everyone,

Helping a friend with a TVonics DTR-Z500 HD box that went from working ok, to sound but no picture.

There were no error messages from the set top box, or warnings. Box initially on green light when repowered but when the power on button on remote is pressed the unit goes to red light. Menu or Library buttons don't show up anything on the screen.

Here's what we've tried so far:

1. Simple power on/off reset a couple of times and this made no difference - sound, but no picture.
2. Changed batteries in remote. It is a replacement remote and approx 1 year old.
3. Changed HDMI cable and tested different HDMI ports from the TV and the back of the box. Still no picture and now there is no sound when you start the box up. It goes from green light to red light when you try to use it.
4. Took aerial out of box and tested in the TV itself. This works fine connected into the back of the TV and scans for channels.
5. Have now taken PSU out for a long rest. The box is neither connected or plugged in for a couple of days.

It is a sensitive old thing (not my friend) and sometimes it does not like long recordings (3 hrs plus) and can freeze when fast forwarding. Sometimes it is slow to respond but when it does come on it works fine. I've resurrected the box a few times in the past, but this is normally after its thrown a wobbly when the aerial service is interrupted and then needs a rescan. The current lack of onscreen menu makes it difficult to rescan or restore the box.

Is there anything else we can check before thinking about trying a new PSU? The box is getting on a bit now was bought from brand new years ago so might be time for a new box and upgrade, but just wanted to check there isn't anything obvious I have missed so far.


Manhattan T2-R or T3-R would be a sensible option, Humax Aura if deeper pockets.
Thanks Clem. I will keep your suggestions in mind. For now my friend should have a youview box I gave him as a back up should the tvonics fail to spring back to life. I will know which direction we are heading in by tomorrow afternoon.


Just a quick update on this post. I could not resuscitate the Tvonics. Tested out and talked friend through the youview box and he was instantly sold. One happy friend! Thanks to JayCee and Clem_Dye for helpful contributions. Mission accomplished.


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You’ll have to search the net. I deleted all of the TVonics firmware thst I had from my website some time ago.

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