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Tvix SH-4100 24p playback?


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Hi guys,

I know the Tvix 4100 supports 24p but how do you force it to play back in this mode and is it good? I plan on getting a 24p capable TV set within the next month. I would be most interested to see how this performs.

Thanks :smashin:


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24p is a big deal for the Yanks because their TV is in 60i right now, which deinterlaces down to 30p. Film is shot in 24p and so the cousins don't like the video-like effect they get if they watch movies encoded for TV at 60i.

In the UK we have PAL (cheer, let's hear it for PAL), which is broadcast (TV) at 50i. This deinterlaces to 25p.

I expect that there will be those who imagine they will be able to see a difference between 25p and 24p but I don't claim to be one of them.


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Thanks mate, I would still be interested to see how it works on this particular media player, or any other Tvix box for that reason :smashin:

Stephen Neal

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Though 24p is widespread in Europe and the UK now - as all (almost) BluRay and HD-DVD releases are in 24p, avoiding the speedup to 25p/50i that used to be required for European DVD releases and is used for European SD and HD TV broadcast of movies. (There are exceptions - such as music concerts shot in 1080/60i which are released in 60i)

Whether you will have a significant number of 24p sources to play on your player depends on how you "source" your media... A lot of people in the US convert their recordings of 24p broadcasts in 1080/60i or 720/60p back to 24p by 3:2 removal (sometimes called Reverse or Inverse Telecine) when they encode to other formats - particularly those that don't support interlaced sources properly (in the case of 60i)


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That is very interesting indeed. Great point! If I download, say movie trailers from Apple's website. Are they 24p compatible? Can you force the player to play at 24p even if the content is not?


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