TVI - can you help ?


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My setup:-

A Grundig 23in CRT TV with 1 Scart socket
A Sky+ digibox
A Philips DVR recorder
High quality Scart cables throughout
All powered through a RS mains filter

My problem is:-

At random times for random durations I get a very particular picture breakup. There is interference (jagged lines) on the left hand side of the screen particularly when the left hand side of the picture contains a lot of white.

My attempts at eliminating the problem have been:-

1) Stripping the system down to the bare minimum of connections i.e. just connecting the sky+ box and TV – leaving out the DVDR

2) Swapping out the tv with another known working tv (same type – single Scart CRT) - I still like the picture quality of my CRT TVs in comparison with LCD

3) Checking the stuff recorded on the Sky+ box to see if the picture displays the interference – it does – makes me think it’s the incoming digital signal being disrupted rather than the tv itself.

I’ve had this problem since Nov 07 – I had a guy out from the company I pay for the dish maintenance – he tested the signal and it was fine – his prognosis pointed to the tv being at fault. I intended to upgrade to SKY+ from SKY so waited to see if this would have any effect. When the SKY+ installation took place it happened to coincide with there being no interference – sod’s law ! - So soon after I was back to square one.

The only thing I can think happened in November last year was I had work done on the roof – near to where the dish is situated - but the dish maintenance guys said that the signal strength was fine – so I can’t really blame the roofer.

Can anyone offer any suggestions to fix this annoying problem ?

Thanks, in anticipation


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Read the "Interference" section on my web site. I'm not going to copy it all here.

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