TVersity Streaming to PS3 - slow???


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I have some films in various formats on my laptop and external hard drives, and have set up Tversity so my PS3 can access these.
I have Sky broadband (sky branded Netgear router) and a Dell laptop using the normal Dell wireless settings (I do have a D-Link Airplus 108Mbps card but it won't work with Win XP SP3).
Many of the films are stuttery (if that's a word). Is there any way I can speed up the streaming or solve this?


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I gave PS3 Media Server a go and installed additional codecs and avisynth, but still get the stutteriness.
I am wondering where the cause is - pc, router or ps3?
I am guessing it's the PC: Dell Latitude, 1.8Ghz, 896Mb RAM, AMD Sempron 3500+
Would that be the problem or something more simple that I can sort?


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Are PS3 and Laptop both connected wirelessly? If so try connecting laptop to router with an ethernet cable. Could be with both wireless bandwidth is the issue.


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Are the films 1080p? If so, either your laptop or your wireless connection is probably causing the problem. If they're 720p, your wireless might not be the limit, but your laptop might. Is your CPU running at 100% when you're streaming?

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