TVersity & Codecs - arrrrrgggghhhhhhh!


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Right, fed up with this codec crap - why can't people standardise on one or two!!!!More a rant than anything - took me ages to get the right codec set up.

Eventually ended up uninstalling everything and installing ffdshow and TVersity only. But ffdshow doesn't do everything, so slowly but surely carefully installed some extra codecs and disabled it in ffdshow.

Finally it was all working well and I could play all of my files. For a week. Then in their wisdom Microsoft pushed out a Windows XP update which my PC dutifully downloaded and installed. HALF THE FILES STOPPED WORKING!!!!

Arrrrrgggghhhh I thought. Oh well, all I need to do is to follow the process I had last time - uninstall everything and then re-install step by step. Still didn't work.

After lots and lots of messing around I've ended up uninstalling everything (again) and using a completely different set of codecs to the ones I had before. Now only a few of my videos don't work (that did work before).

Surely it doesn't have to be this hard ???


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I don't mess around with individual codecs.

Just download CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) and install that with default options (after uninstalling others first).

Not guaranteeing it will work for you but I've had no problems.

PS. Installed TVersity & CCCP and everything I stream at the PS3 just plays (though my old P4 3.4Ghz is a bit too slow to real-time transcode 1280x720 or higher videos :( )


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Yeah cccp did a great job for me too

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