TVersity 1.5 beta released


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TVersity has just released both a Free and Pro edition of the TVersity Media Server where the Pro version will have support for Premium Web Content (including full TV episodes) from names like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Joost, CBS, NBC, The WB, TV.com, ESPN, NFL, Comedy Central, South Park, Marvel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and more.

Free edition: http://cdn.download.tversity.com/TVersitySetup_1_5_0_0.exe
Pro edition: http://cdn.download.tversity.com/TVersityProSetup_1_5_0_0.exe

Minimum System Requirements (Free edition)
  1. Pentium III 700 Mhz or better (Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz with support for Hyper Threading is recommended)
  2. 256 MB of memory or more (1GB recommended)
  3. 100 MB of disk space (At least 4 GB of free space is recommended for cache area of transcoded media)
  4. Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista (only with UAC disabled)
  5. DirectX 9.0 or higher
  6. Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher
  7. For transcoding to WMV (Xbox 360) WMP11 is recommended (otherwise WMV encoding can be done via ffmpeg instead of DirectShow)
  8. Audio enabled on the computer running the software
  9. Macromedia Flash version 8 or higher for the GUI

Minimum System Requirements (Pro edition) In addition to the requirements of the free edition the Pro edition requires:

  1. Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz or better
  2. Latest Flash Player installed and working with either Firefox or Google Chrome
  3. Sound card and sound driver with Stereo Mix capability (or a cable connecting Line Out to Line In)
  4. On Vista Stereo mix must be manually enabled
  5. On Vista desktops speakers or headphones must be connected (or else the device is disabled by Vista automatically) and there will be no audio
  6. On all operating systems you will need to mute the audio on the machine running TVersity while playing premium web content since the audio will also play on the computer. On some sound cards you may need to mute the external speakers or connect headphones since muting the audio on the computer will also mute the audio on TV.


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Had a quick look at this.

Seems they are going on the "trust" system, where you can evaluate the pro version as long as you like and then if you like it, you can pay for a licence at US$29.95 (or something like that). This allows access to Hulu (in the US) and BBC iplayer (in the UK).

Seems to be competition for the Play On service.


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i don't really see the point for uk users, As we already get the iplayer on the PS3

The iplayer is getting a big over haul this summer, Which should bring with it the new 720p hd that you can currently get on the web site through a pc to the PS3.


Just tried Tversity after a long break form it (due to PS3MS). My word it does seem clunky - and I couldn't figure out how to get iplayer HD files to come through it. Not overly impressed - but I'm going to give it some more time to play with before I bin it.

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