TVDVDPlanet Are They That Good?


Just spotted a few titles at there store that I never seen avalable anywhere else before or can bring up in DVD search engines. How come they get stuff I've cannot find elsewhere?


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Probably unauthorised (illegal) copies and judging from the selection no probably about it, these type of suppliers have been around a long time though so you wonder why they still exist.
Perhaps they operate out of a country that the US has no authority over in terms of copyright enforcement and well credit card companies can overlook payments for certain services, don't ask don't tell:)

A few of the podcasts I listen to mention similar sites and getting content that hasn't and probably never will turn up on DVD, that's one thing but wholesale piracy of current content is the reason why the studios justify their draconian measures against "normal" consumers.


"DVD Format: Format-Free DVD-R (Plays in both
PAL and NTSC DVD players)"

That what made me think somthing was not right, in fact I found an other site with similar material and different covers.:(

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