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TVDrive problems


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I've got a TVDrive, and I'm sick of it. It's great when it works, that one sunday in June when there was a full moon and a black cat with flying pigs.

Telewest swear blind to me there's no general problems with the service and that I'm just an unlucky customer. I know this is crap. I've had 4 engineers and hours on the phone to them with no result other than wasting my time.

So it would be great if everyone could post the problems they have with their TV drive as some kind of proof or log of what's going on. Maybe I am cursed...

Here's mine:
  • Reboots at random, especially in the middle of the night
  • Hangs (crashes) at random, requiring a hard reset
  • Recordings get a "squelch" in the audio, like a compression problem
  • Normal TV also gets the squelch
  • Series link doesn't work for most shows
  • Recordings say they are full length, but end at a random point (eg: 30min recording ends after 12mins)
  • Recordings magically vanish from the TVDrive
  • "Recovered content" appears and disappears at random
  • Deleted shows come back after a reboot, requiring a format of the TVDrive to remove
  • Volume is incredibly low because they removed the volume boost option that's in the normal digital boxes.


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Hi, Well I would just like to say that I have had my TV Drive for 3 months now and I am very happy. On your list of problems I have had none of these. The only issue I have had, twice in three months, is when exiting a recording I got a black box in the screen and had to reset.

The only series link is great, the only one thing that would be nice is if Telewest to extend recordings if a program overuns, to prevent missing the last bit.

But I am a happy customer :thumbsup:


I too have not experineced any of the problems that the original poster has described since i got it in september

Bebeto 94

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You are not alone .My TV Drive has more bugs in it than a nature reserve. I too get the audio squelching , random reboots , and get recovered content after a crash in the middle of a recording . Am just about to ask Telewest to send an engineer or take the box away.


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Well it's hardly a large sample but 4 with problems, 3 without. Maybe there was a bad batch of TVDrives or something. Mine is being replaced tomorrow, we'll see what happens.

Please keep posting if you do/do not have problems with your TVDrive.


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