TV3 Irish (Southern) Channel on Sky in Northern please


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Hi, I'm looking to find out if I can add manually the settings for TV3 an Republic of Ireland TV channel to my Sky+ setup, I'm in Northern Ireland and have been able to get as standard on my Sky, RTE 1 & 2 and TG4, all channels based in the Republic of Ireland.

I have searched this forum and read the thread

But it doesn't help me...I think....but....I could be missing something really simple, not the first time that's happened;)

To explain; When I go to my "system setup" > "add channels" I get the following info on screen:

Freq (GHZ)........................11.778
Symbol rate (Mband)............27.5

I can change all the setting except the Freq 11.778 This is my problem , when I go to as advised by the post mentioned above I can't find a 11.778 GHZ range. I can only find the TV3 listed under 10.744 GHZ, but since I can't change my Freq (GHZ) from the 11.778 that's showing as default I presume I can't then tune in manually TV3 as its on 10.744? Is this correct:confused:

I really an just trying to muddle through this as best I can as a complete Freq/Fec etc novice so any advice or help would be really appreciated.........:smashin:

I hope this all makes sense to someone:D


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You can change the frequency. All you have to do is highlight the 11.778 and using the numerical keypad on the sky remote, type 10744.
However, when I tried this, saved the channel and tried to view it, I got the message that it is unavailable. I think you have to have an irish Sky Subscription to be able to receive it.


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Thanks ryanm1701, I got this off the astra2d website and its right up to date.

Its a bit of a long quote but I've placed the meat in "bold"

Thursday January 3, 2008

Happy New Year from the Astra 2D Website! .......... Freesat launching March 2008 with 80+ channels .......... Channel 4, E4 and More4 going Free-To-Air in 2008 ..........
British TV & Radio Overseas

The Astra 2D satellite positioned at 28.2° east, has a footprint focused tightly on the British Isles, making reception difficult in large areas of mainland Europe. The Astra 2D Website was set up to help those living outside the Astra 2D footprint, by providing news, information and advice on reception of the Astra 2D services and of British TV and radio abroad. The Astra 2d Reports pages, contain reception reports from many countries, so don't dispair, Astra 2D is being received from the Canaries in the west, to Cyprus in the east!
Most of the BBC's television services along with ITV's channels and Film4 broadcast unencrypted and are Free To Air (FTA). You do not require a Sky Digital recreiver or a subscription to view these channels, any digital satellite receiver can be used. Channel 4, E4 and More4 are also expected to be available FTA sometime in 2008, when Channel 4's contract with Sky expires.

Irish TV and radio also broadcast from this satellite, RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3 and TG4, along with Irish radio channels are available. You will need a card from the Republic of Ireland, or a Sky card with a Northern Irish Post Code to see Irish TV channels (TV3 not available)! All the radio stations are Free-To-Air (FTA).

So it looks like for the now TV3 is not a UK choice....ah well....but its a great channel:)

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