Question TV won't turn on


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Left the TV opened, when I came back, the whole room lost power so I went down and reset the breaker.
Power came back, all good... then tried to turn on the TV, and nothing. Power outlet is ok since every other devices work.
TV doesn't seem to have any power at all, not even the red light dot is on (when TV is off)

Model is Samsung 64" 1080p 600Hz Plasma (PN64F5300FXZC)... is there I anything I can try by myself before calling for repair?
Kinda mad, TV is just a little over a year old, meaning warranty just ended a month ago lol...


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Have you checked the fuse? I.e., the one in the plug.


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I suspect the OP's from across the pond (US) and they don't have fuses in their plugs.


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That's interesting to know.

A few years ago I heard that Americans don't generally own kettles. No kettles?!! Are they mad? ;)

Next they'll be saying Martians don't have umbrellas.

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