TV with VGA input?



Hi guys

I know Sony used to produce a TV with a VGA input, think it was the FD1, are there any being produced today, anymake?

There,s gotta be one.

Thx guys



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I'm fairly sure there are Loewe TVs with a plug-in VGA option. Best to ask a Loewe expert like groundy for more info :)


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there is a LG model that also has a vga port. There is another another from someone like samsung i think. check out the hcc reviews.


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Loewe televisions can be fitted with a VGA card. You can specify to have this pre-installed when ordering the TV or have it fitted at any time. Card inc. fitting costs between £60 & £90 depending upon your retailer. Native resolution is 640 x 480 though some have reported getting higher resolutions to sync. I cannot confirm because I haven't tried this :).

Chris Muriel

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There will be no more TVs with VGA from Sony.
I actually asked this question in November when I was at a (work related) meeting with 2 of their design engineers + 1 of their managers).

Chris Muriel, Manchester.
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