TV with Netflix app?


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I currently have VPN on my router which allows me to watch Netflix from all my computers on the network. (without living in the USA)

I am now thinking to buy a "smart" TV and I wonder if the TV models sold outside the US come with netflix, or if it is possible to download the netflix app.

If yes, which brands?

Thank you


Unlike a UK spec tv would have a US based centric feature. Media players like WDTV or Boxee have Netflix as they are more US centric. You might be able to get a work around to get netflix apps on your tv, I've not read about them on here as yet.


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Thanks. I agree that is highly unlikely that an app for netflix would be preloaded but I was hoping that you could download it later from an appstore.

Anybody that has such TV maybe can tell me if accessing the USA appstore for such TVs is possible?


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I have the LG 50" 3D Ready Plasma 1080p NetCast HDTV, and have purchased the netflix app from the US appstore and everything works properly. The app is actually free to download if you are already a netflix member. Hope this helps.


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Thanks Liap! So it seems it works for LG. Do you have full control of the netflix account from the LG app, or you can just access the queue? What about subtitles?

What about Samsung or any other TV that has a netflix app available?

I am thinking if I should buy a "smart" TV, or a regular TV + Roku.

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