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Last year I bought the Technika 32-250 tv from Tescos and I need to have a problem fixed before the warranty runs out (random channel changing) However,during a quick search to see how common this fault is I came across random info and one thing I found out was that a TV with the HD ready 1080P logo on guarantees that it can accept and reproduce 1080P signals at 24,50 and 60 hz but when I set my PS3 to play blurays at 24hz the panel blanks and a box says no support.Now it seems this is contrary to the licence agreement for carrying the HD logo so surely these sets have been miss-sold and would I be right in asking for a refund due to this? I await the forums thoughts on this matter.
Just tried it with my BD player (LG390)and with it set to 1080P 24hz the player is defaulting to 60HZ.
With the LG390 plugged into a 2 output switch feeding the Technika and my LG 42LD490 then the LG tv is displaying 24hz as it should and the Technika is blank with the no support box.
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